Using drugs during pregnancy should also

  today, with the popularization of medical knowledge,
female friends all know, in pregnancy and lactation medication should pay special attention to. However, for the use of topical drugs, some people don’t pay too much attention on.        

      relevant data shows that, women should also be used with caution during pregnancy external medication, because of some external medicine can be absorbed through the skin into blood, cause fetal and infants poisoning, cause fetal or infant neural system of organ damage. For external use is generally to be used with caution, there is:

      clotrimazole: its composition is clotrimazole, used for mucocutaneous fungal infections, such as tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea of feet and hands etc.. Animal experiment shows that it not only has the toxic effect on embryo, lactating women topical, its pharmaceutical ingredients can also enter the milk, although the clinical no obvious adverse reaction and distorted reports, but in order to
health growth, this medicine should be used with caution.        

      miconazole nitrate cream: with miconazole nitrate. Local stimulation generally have, if the local skin more sensitive, prone to contact dermatitis, or because of local irritation, erythema, burning sensation of occurrence desquamate blistering, should stop in time, lest the skin lesions or infection.        

      Bactroban ointment (Mo Pi Luo Xing): is an antibiotic ointment for external use in the treatment of skin infections, widely used. But many experts believe that, pregnancy is best not to use this medicine. Because peg this paste can be fully absorbed and accumulate in the body, may cause a series of adverse reaction.        

      Aciclovir Ointment antiviral drugs for external use is. Antiviral drugs are generally inhibits viral DNA (ribonucleic acid) copy, but at the same time to
of human cells of DNA polymerase was also inhibited, thus affecting the human DNA replication. Therefore, pregnancy in the use of various antiviral drugs for external use should be carefully.        

      cortex: more alcohol drugs;

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