Using special techniques and methods for breast sex

            " love " mean, men do not put " run.

, this method is more exciting for men, in addition to the friction of penis, bring orgasm to meet the psychological needs, or the most important visual stimulation. You imagine, you side between a woman full of charming breast twitch back and forth with the penis, side by hand on the woman’s breast, constantly rounong, constantly pressed to make the breast penis; you looked at the woman you love dreams blurred faces, gentle breathing, you will feel immersed into the no matter.

breast sex, there are a few places are special, one of your woman’s breast to breast is plump, if small words, you can’t use it to grip your penis, the effect will be relatively poor. And your penis to be clamped, will be very tired.

two is with the breast in sex, not just the penis back and forth in the cleavage between the clip insertion. You may also be appropriate to use the breast surface friction of penis, also can use the penis provoking pressure nipples. Because unlike the other vaginal lubrication fluid lubrication in vaginal sex, when milk, you may feel more dry and not smooth, then you can add the appropriate lubricant to help.

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