Virgin the love positions

sex ? First of all, in the psychology, the man to give her enough comfort. To love her, comfort her. Tell her to be a real woman, this is a necessary step. If she says no, you don’t reluctantly. Not to rape her folly. This will not only hurt her, and from which you are not happy, only to vent.

then when she’s blushing approval, you are using what love posture? In fact, there is no law. But from the perspective of care for women (because the pain is inevitable puncture hymen) suggest using the following methods: women lie on your back on the edge of the bed, holding her legs. positive men stand between women under the bed legs. This kind of lovemaking has the following advantages: penis can use the power of the slightest prick hymen.

first time here, don’t do drawing and inserting a violent. Girls will have pain. Wait for next time. On this point you can have a look Malthus. Garcia "love in the time of Cholera", the inside of the male protagonist in the wedding night, in order to eliminate the wife of sexual fears, wives tend to appreciate his penis overnight, and no real.

has a lot of experience lover having sex can also be used this way. This way also has two advantages: men are more likely to force. This posture can also make the appropriate changes, such as: female legs will ride on the shoulders of men; male or female legs with his arm caught; some changes this penis on

also stressed is the way males can clearly see his penis import and vagina, that feeling is really wonderful. In order to let women can feel this kind of happiness, let her hand a mirror placed on the body side >

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