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Football tickets Luneng Hengda opened before Li Songyi: Hope Football Association Justice – Sohu sports Luneng generals after rage besieged the referee group the linesman fell on the ground (Figure) is in the Chinese Football Association for how to deal with the Luneng and the referee brawl event racking their brains, Luneng fans of the series of mining action in support of their club. Yesterday, with Luneng fans came to the Tongji University where the referee Zhan Wei, asked the school seriously. A few hours later, the hearing in the Chinese Football Association held. Luneng fans "denounce" Wei Zhan came to Tongji University Luneng fans from Shandong Luneng fans in Shanghai, they pull up banners, but also brought a letter. This the name is "against green violence punish accident Wei Zhan" letters wrote, "respect of Tongji University President and leader, hope to video evidence, and be impartial in their handling of the matter. As a people’s teacher, Zhan Wei’s behavior has constituted a criminal offense, the network has seen his violence, the reputation of your school and even have an impact. Tongji University is a hundred schools, celebrities come forth in large numbers, respected and yearning, I hope the school to seriously deal with the matter, and accept the supervision of the public opinion and the media. " Zhan Wei will retire after the end of the season and then return to the Tongji University. Tongji University teacher for Luneng fans of this behavior is not surprising, because since the Luneng and Zhan Wei after clashes broke out, the school often fans received telephone, these fans complained to the Tongji University, hope school can handle Wei Zhan. In Shanghai and Beijing in the condemnation, complain. Recently, some Shandong fans to China Football Association office, to the football association to discuss the statement. The Football Association hearing yesterday afternoon, Wei Zhan and the Luneng members Li Songyi, who attended the hearings held by the Football Association of absent KUKA, the first subject to hearing is Wei Zhan, hearing lasted an hour or so, then hurry to leave the Football Association, whole journey does not utter a word. Luneng staff to participate in the hearing, including the Luneng high-level players Li Songyi, Shao Puliang, team doctor Wang Liancheng, assistant coach Ma Baogang and team translation etc.. But the coach KUKA did not attend the hearing, because in the field of holiday. Li Songyi said in an interview after the meeting, he has to know the truth with the Football Association leadership. According to Luneng people, the hearing, football association in addition to watch the video at the time of the game, video, also let all persons attended the hearing faithfully to at the time of the things through memory representations again, "we just tell the truth, said at the time of the things, to believe that the Football Association will be a fair deal." As with the past, the hearing on the football association did not disclose the penalty decision. No accident, this is the ticket will be opened in this week. Today, the Luneng will focus on preparing for the game with rival, this is a top war, so the ticket on the title of the Super League this season will have a certain impact. Special correspondent Gan Hui

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