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Messi a slight smile to melt the world sun locker room and his son happy Messi (micro blog blog data) just in the corner low-key celebrations after Lionel Messi and his son were cup Tencent sports June 7 hearing (microblogging) finals of the Champions League, Barcelona (website data) to win cup, Messi did not score, a rare scene happened in the final King Messi. After the game, Barcelona will hold high the trophy passion to celebrate, as the team leader Messi, but in the corner, a little smile, melt the whole world. Four stand in the Champions League top, still so low-key, perhaps this is the charm of Messi and King momentum. The Champions League again cup, Barcelona player music crazy, Neymar scored Barcelona’s third goal is rushed to sideline bleachers to interact with fans celebrate and Alves (micro blog data), wanton publicity personality. The local players with equal passion, after the king’s Cup final cut net to commemorate the PG (micro blog data) again, also will be net of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin to completely "dismemberment", then also on the podium jump to the front of crazy celebrations, alba and Alves head head shouting, but also full of highlights. However at that time, Lionel Messi, but willing to teammates the moment of the most shining the spotlight, ceded, very low-key "hide" on the side. Messi does not indiscriminately to celebrate, does not mean he didn’t enjoy the victory of the moment, but for Messi, similar honor moment endless. Light is the Champions League, Messi has won four trophies. Perhaps only the let little flea long-awaited World Cup, in order to make it really the heart, enthusiasm can rugose to celebrate a lot. This kind of indifferent attitude and mood, I am afraid is "only" two Champions League trophy C Ronaldo (micro-blog data) can not understand. And low-key introverted Messi, must not like c Luo Neymar that celebrate, perhaps also because of this, let him than C rolle, more to win the favor of Oriental fan. After the game, Messi took his son in the locker room with the Champions League Cup together with the ear. At this moment, he is not only the leader of Barcelona, is a father. Two and a half years of Tiago, almost has become the mascot of Barcelona, after each award to celebrate the occasion to celebrate the total. Messi once won the Champions League in 2011, a year and a half after the November 2012 Tiago was born, this is Messi become father. For the first time to taste the taste to climb the top of Europe, of course, also want to let the son to experience the wonderful taste of the cup, despite the small guy root this can’t lift the trophy. (Cuchu)

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