What about kissing techniques


when kissing become get love means, might as well play tricks; when passion into a rut, then transform one form; when the love has become the past, why don’t you try an enchanted goodbye!

A, the most romantic — French kiss
after the movie, you walk the streets in the city, a sudden impulse born so that you hugged together, gently kissed by a slow transition to a kiss, don’t care about the eyes of passers-by surprise. Xinyi Adult supplies after a period of time, your lips slightly apart, then gently blown into the atmosphere each other mouth, lips pressed on once again. So again, feel like love in the movie actress, revel in the romantic atmosphere.

two, the most mysterious — spiral kissing
send her downstairs, after a few minutes affectionately gaze, boy kissed girl’s lips, tongue while slowly into her mouth, and her tongue tie and gently rotate. Then in her heart, you’re love is a knight, full of mystery, the girl will fall into your tenderness and unable to extricate themselves, when they parted, she just gently say three words: "I love you!"

three, the most crazy — kiss
you quarrel, she decided not to care about you. In before she could back to you, you will be excited to pull into the arms of his girlfriend, his chin with her close together, regardless of your resistance, let his tongue into the other’s mouth, but pinch her cheeks, her mouth open as significantly, the only way to get his tongue deep in her throat. This crazy kiss makes you look fierce, she could be your power, you may be scared. If it were to, she will forget all your mistakes. If you are scared, she will bite your tongue, and then hurried away.

four, the hot — sucking kiss
love bathing, in front of the mirror comb wet hair. You can’t stop over and kiss her back, she opened with a smile. Finally you can not control your emotion, your lips sealed her mouth, and as gently as sucking jelly sucking her lips. She softened slightly angry expression in your kiss, and closed my eyes, increased breathing, put your arms around your neck……

five, the sweetest kiss — vacuum type
you going to Europe for a month of training. Before leaving, you and the girl friend farewell at the airport. You are touching the cheeks and hair of the other party, be reluctant to part. See his girlfriend cherry mouth, you can not help but kiss up, use your lips covered her mouth not stop sucking, forming a vacuum, she felt a mild asphyxia, dizzy. Such a kiss with his hands touch let both sides very ecstasy.

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