What positions and mutually satisfactory

which sex posture is both men and women satisfactory.

1, man on top position

common posture in men and women in the upper, sideways, and from entering type. Some heterosexual and gay anal sex . These positions can be used lying, sitting, standing, kneeling or any combination of the above changes were. Each partner selected position is decided by their inspiration and comfort degree.

men in the sexual intercourse was the most common position. in males is the most natural and the most appropriate sexual intercourse posture, this position is also called the missionary position. They are encouraged foreign devotees abandon "bestial" posture change from male in posture. In men posture lying by Shangdi female face and legs apart, male or female vaginal . If women do not feel uncomfortable, men lie women; otherwise is also available with elbows, hands and knees to support some or all of the weight.

some women think men weight limit their ability to move the pelvis. Female feet around his hips, back or even put on the shoulders of men. Foot more high-energy make men pushed deeper in tic. However, some women do not like this position brought about by the deep sense of advancing.

in men posture makes the male hand touching the companion way slightly restricted, but women can use their own hands free to touch men or stimulate their clitoris. This is when sexual intercourse can see each other and kiss a very good posture of each other.

2, woman on top position

in women by men is lying up, then the female will own body lower sat to partner >

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