When making love, in this posture, to prevent premature ejaculation!


Chinese medicine, on premature ejaculation and a variety of factors, mainly related to deficiency (kidney, heart, spleen deficiency and dampness heat of liver and gallbladder) relationship is most closely.

from the position can be controlled premature ejaculation, the man how the woman sex more crazy? A comfortable to bits and shallow into the mode, to prevent premature ejaculation, and let female palm leading men, to reduce the amount of exercise.

sex when men do suggest the following:

face she lay down (or sit), legs straight, seized her by the shoulders or waist with both hands side. You can easily understood, or up and down, left and right or draw arc different posture, transform into the point of stimulation, women may therefore unlimited imagination moans, and you are enjoying the illusion and endless sex new experience.

this "reverse" type of position, is to get his or her head down, bending his body side, unable to grasp the supporting point of the upper part of the body, with the high tide comes, with the increase of face and neck blood pipe pressure, his face will be red and then there is astounding sensory stimulation, because the upper part of the body at a loss, but can show the climax twist the body of sexy and passion. This position is intense, man must have confidence to "master" the female body (at least grasp can hold to live her?) This is a security precaution, the practice can not control the body of the woman. The woman must have full trust in men only row.

in addition to remind the cardiovascular diseases were the best do not try.

this position passion place, is that women because nowhere in the upper part of the body on, sex to feel stimulation or to a climax, uninhibited performance, especially can let two people to indulge in a little crazy situation.

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