when the season Osasuna got 43 points against relegation thrilling finish. About six years ago

Heavy pound! Real Madrid and Barcelona was traced to match fixing 200 million drain help struggling against relegation – Sohu sports exposure to Real Madrid Barcelona alleged match fixing scandal in & nbsp; Serie A giants in Milan and Juve all match fixing demoted the unbearable experience, similar to the scene will not occur in La Liga giants? Real Madrid and Barcelona? "Marca", according to the latest news, with the gradual in-depth investigation of "Osasuna match fixing scandal", Real Madrid and Barcelona has been involved, suspected of time is at the end of the 2008 / 09 season. The clock to 6 years ago, Barcelona in the season ahead of two La Liga championship, the 37 round, Barcelona at home against Osasuna, eventually Osasuna with Pandiani goal 1-0 upset victory over newly crowned La Liga champions. However, to get the three points are not sufficient to ensure the completion of Osasuna relegation, and in the thirty eighth round, aosasuna will at home against Real Madrid. Incredible things happen! June 1, 2009, the away game combat Real Madrid in the first half 1-0 was once a leader of a final away game 1-2 Osasuna won reversal, is also in the game, Salgado and Klaas Jan Huntelaar also have received a red card. With the last two even cut the Barcelona, Real Madrid, when the season Osasuna got 43 points against relegation thrilling finish. About six years ago, the two games, then there will be a lot of Spanish media questioned. Nowadays, with Osasuna suspected at the end of the 2013 / 14 season manipulation match fixing scandal exposure and into the investigation stage, six years ago hutch match fixing suspicions will be mentioned again. Valladolid club president Carlos Suarez surveyed said that when he asked out any real madrid general manager Jorge Valdano, Osasuna is not to the real 200 million euros, so that Real Madrid drain aosasuna points to avoid relegation. "I heard they (Osasuna) give you 2000000 euros?" "Marca" even has learned that Carlos Suarez had to ask Valdano’s words, and it had been published. Valdano was exactly how to respond, "Marca" not yet learned that the but objectively speaking, even six years ago Barcelona win ahead of time, Real Madrid ahead of the title failed, but thin dead camel after all more than Ma, belly Osasuna streak hutch is really amazing. (Nasri)

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