Why men love touch woman’s breast

, according to a mathematician, chest bump formed man hands stretched out at the time of the circular arc pole anastomosis with women.

study of two, according to the medical home, men moisture least place their hands, while the woman the most water place is the chest.

three, according to research by hand massage, woman to man massage is the best place in the man underneath the underpants crotch, while the man hand to massage the best place to go is the chest of a woman.

four, according to the study of man aesthetician, the coolest posture is to be fighting with people waving from the moment, and that moment the most beautiful woman chest posture is slightly erect.

five, according to the literature research, the man’s hands are woman writing inspiration in most places, but a woman’s chest is a man writing inspiration most position.

study of six men, according to the geographer, strong toughness on the body part’s hands, while the woman is the most soft and toughness of the weakest place is the chest.

seven, according to psychologists, while Dabao man woman, the first desire is to feel the chest, second is the only non bottom crotch attack.

eight, according to the biologists who study, men and women’s body was born to cooperate with each other, such as the bottom crotch man and woman’s bottomless crotch, while the man’s hand and a woman’s breast is so.

nine, according to historians, many eunuchs in history, their hands finally basically become weak and feeble, instead of being the emperor favour the concubine’s chest, all became loose and soft.

study of ten, according to the sports scientist, men often hand touching the woman’s breasts can enhance the toughness, and the woman is often a man stroking the chest can also increase the water, for the next generation of children infants is good.

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