Wild sex is fun

        "playing field" how fun to

            you will usually ML where? Indoor or private space, in any place by your "play". Then the "playing field" the emergence of a word, is vividly express not brought in the private space of ML stimulation and freshness. How much fun playing field or afraid? Ghost girl and several guests are saying…

environment determines everything

when playing field we will think of what?

Grass park,



the back stairs, Unisex toilet compartments, beach.

In fact, as long as the

in a public place, you, I, he can go to do it, called the playing field? For example, work or after class no one office or classroom.

with different environment, the mood will also have the very big change, the freshness and excitement changed.

had a survey, the worst hit the field sites were the top three car outside, and the roof. A lot of people think, the car is a closed space, can not see the outside, and all the cold weather heating supply, how likely is a site of the worst? But because the carriage always has limitations, even put down all the back of a chair, a bed, the roof will be limited activity space. In addition, some people pointed out, each time after the passion, he has to repair the shock — because of intense exercise, get the car shock damage, repair costs might also expensive than rent hotel! A little, the most important is dangerous, someone once because the action is too intense, a don’t be careful to loosen the hand switch, the whole car backward, almost broke down the mountain! And on the outskirts, mosquito too much, in the heat of the moment, while doing the passion movement, while repel mosquitoes, is really to spoil sb.’s enthusiasm, such method, is really what sex is gone! As for the roof, the biggest drawback is found when someone up, no place to let you hide, nothing more.

playing field is no place is safe, but often it is so safe, private, will bring people excitement!

to give true love?

in addition to the venue to concealment, easy playing field may produce a girl wearing a skirt, an umbrella or bulky clothes as a cover, so, if someone walked are not see.

actually I think playing field dirty fighting terror, side and watching people walk around there, simply can not be put into. So the playing field: when both eyes must be vigilant around what Wind sways grass., eyes do not fall into each other’s eyes or the body, do not ML the kind of spirit to the unity of the realm.


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