With countless changes in standing position

        standing charm steric method is the largest: can convert any asana.

      the man lies on his back, the woman sitting on top, the similar riding sex mode, called riding postures. men , buttocks sit astride the male’s waist, and then slightly fell forward, Y stem can easily insert. Then, the body forward crouch, the female can see male feet, while men can enjoy the hip curve women full of lines of, also can be observed in female anus and Y, can touch, caressing fingers squeeze work. Although not seen women men drowned in the pleasure of the expression, but by her whole body trembling feeling, to feel her joy.

      female excitement, if the body back, men as much as possible will depend on her body down, and one foot in the female and male, single foot cross each other combine rocking back and forth, and women’s waist, called " whisk kneeling posture method ".

      then again, the male, the female right thigh greatly open, then the strong Y insert stem, such drastic action is completed, the female can not help but excited pleasure and called out, this time from women to high tide is not far away.

      href= "" rel= stand love method is a very attractive posture

      life the female reproductive organ prolapse, Y crossing open, sexual intercourse after the majority of semen with spare Y stem and outflow body >

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