Woman 6 ways to seduce passive man

          active is not man’s patent, women should also learn to "seduce" man, raising his passion and sexuality, the following are several major coup British sexologist given.

          1 body language to tease him. When talking with him, the woman bite lips or full of silently conveyed tenderness narrowed eyes looked at him, are attractive suggestion. In addition, women hand inadvertently touch, is also the male favorite implied action.

          2 time prolonged kiss. Kiss the lips touched so far from simple, the woman nibble his lower lip or with the tongue licking the mouth, can convey signal "I need more" to him, more can be lifted his desire.

          3 to sit on his lap. Don’t have to wait for his invitation, watch TV together on the sofa, take the initiative to sit on his lap, and twist the hips, can quickly awaken his desire.

          4 caressing his thigh. The inner thigh is a sensitive area of the man, caressing him here, and about his reaction, let him give you some hints, teach you how to proceed to the next step.


          6 swimming together. Swimming with him, so that he can "really" see you. Men and women play in the water and the water skin to skin contact, will let both sides have beat all of the wonderful feeling.

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