Woman breast stroke technique standard step

          the United States " amphoteric life" magazine recently published an article, teach a man right caress chest. Learning these skills, can help you become sex expert . breast is great and mysterious organ of human . In the sex life, the right to caress the breast, can stimulate the woman, let a man of passion four.

        first, touching her body, or inadvertently touch her chest. Then use the palm of your hand will cover the whole breast, gently rubbing. At this time, to ensure that the palms of your hands on her nipples be neither friendly nor aloof, forced to light.

        then the finger with the curve of the breast from top to bottom touch, the nipple gently circle. But urgent sometimes playful, until the papilla response, re-use the index finger and thumb lightly pinching the nipples.

        secondly, in addition to the use of hands, but also with a kiss. Head buried in her breasts, smell her breath, at this time your hair, beard, and even the eyelashes, will give the breast to stimulate the. Then, from the breast side began to kiss her, sliding your tongue, slowly upward.

        finally, the nipple in the entrance, with the teeth bite down. The other finger to touch. Both sides alternately.

        10 minutes, have not think of what skills. Because you had already entered the state. At this time, just use your imagination, you can follow one’s inclinations, let you reach the peak of happiness together.

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