Woman killer readme sex position 10 mya.

1, > sex posture pleasant Du Huan

this is a very common posture, is I stand husband kneel or sit on the floor, directly under my kiss. This position requires the woman with the action, in order to achieve a sense of mutual stimulation, such as touching his of the breast. But because the standing posture causes my vaginal orifice is closed, even if he uses the hand to open are not as close as I lay the private parts to open completely so cool. However, this is because of the person different, personally, every * * * or love except the pleasure I attach great importance to the spirit of the feelings, and respects this kind of feeling.

whether violent wild or gentle and meticulous, in his warm hand or body, in his full of lust and love moist lips, my body is so Petite helpless, a spoiled well-being by born however. This kind of body posture is also, looked at him so preoccupation with kisses, even if my pussy closed, I still happy.

sex position 2, the original sex


type posture kneeling on the bed, he came from behind to lick. Like to stimulate the GM this kind of body posture is very convenient, well, this kind of body posture is the original, make the person thinks of animal

feeling when mating scenarios, especially when his tongue tough effectively put away the vulva, more like a desperate search of entrance of male animals. But perhaps it is because the original, inspired in my heart the most instinctive wild desire, and this desire to burst out the irresistible force, make me moan into a low growl near the mother’s.

this time I was completely open, but also fully liberalized — the former refers to the body, the latter refers to the heart. Usually all shy, aunt to hold collects gave up entirely, only the most real life experience and enjoy. This time is best not to put yourself when adult, is animal, really, to lay down their human dignity and all the so-called hypocritical mask, you are the animal, an animal is making love, happiness and joy.

sex position 3, back mountain near

this is one of the most commonly used, I lay open legs to my private parts to open completely to him, if the bed lying or sitting close to the table >

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