Woman more active and more likely to achieve orgasm

          woman: more active more likely to


          Yu Na (a pseudonym) get married, before marriage from some books to see after newly married sex life sweet and happy description, make her vision unceasingly. But, beautiful wedding festivities night, she is not a bit of pleasure. She had thought that his first night puzzled amorous feelings caused by, but, 1 years later, no matter how she tries to experience, also did not feel happy. Every time her husband cheerfully, and she is completely indifferent, feel this kind of thing not essential. She is worried that there is something wrong with the body, can be checked to the hospital are all normal. Why is this so? Na in distress.

        from a dormant state to arousal in

        a sexology expert help Yu undid the knot. He told Yu, if we exclude the constitution of orgasm lacking in the case of , so, this situation does not have to worry about.

        in fact, most of the female early in marriage or in the early stages of life, can not feel the kind of intense sexual pleasure, because from the beginning of the mature until after the wedding for the first time sexual contact, female sexual desire basic still in the dormant state, to be gradually developed.

        according to display foreign investigation, in the next 1 years, more than 70% of women did not feel intense sexual pleasure, more than 80% of the women did not experience orgasm. Another survey showed that, married women, married 1 years experience orgasm only accounts for 19%, and married 5 years experience orgasm in women has reached 60%, married 10 years experience orgasm is about 80%.


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