Women can kiss 3 strokes swept man


is talking about kissing skills, you may "sniff at", but with the thought of ", my heart door!"…… In fact, your so-called those tongue, tooth kiss skills are really live, these techniques do not have much to say, but said here today is not these blunt technology, we’re going to be talking about ecstasy kissing skills tenderness is full of romantic, is the so-called "Killing with Kindness".


singer Wu Bai singing "suddenly the self" that will give you a sudden pleasure, really the same, suddenly the pursuit of kissing in the middle, sometimes also can bring the other party beat all the joy of harvest.

has been married for 3 years of Beijing white-collar Mr. Zhao said, a sing KTV in time and a lot of old classmates, wife midway let me go out to help give you meal, after not think out of the box door, his wife up hold me kiss a few. At Canfang and shyly toward the… I did not react, but in hindsight, more think more feel that my wife was particularly interesting. In the afterglow of excitement, I will often be the wife that "suddenly kiss" laugh, I think that the kiss is especially meaningful for


wet kiss

of the ear

experienced men must know, kiss of female ear will have certain stimulation to her. Some women even instant "after being kissed ear limp" down.

does not know, in fact, the man’s ear is also very sensitive, the man also very like to be kissed other parts except the lip.

"when my wife licking my ear, or put my tongue when my ears, I will be excited to tremble. If she calls me in a low voice of my ears, that feeling is wonderful." This is a man named A Chang to we describe the "odd kiss" experience, in this slightly excited utterance, smart women Is it right? Already itch for a try out

?Play cat and mouse

really is not a man in the amphoteric life blindly to make romance, women also can, and sometimes can be very useful.

woman also must learn to flirt with her husband. In the kiss, tease each other sometimes more effective than traditional kiss. A claim to have nearly 30 year old man said, he is very loving and his wife a kiss, the reason is that his wife is particularly lovely, every time before the kiss, the wife always used "kiss" to tease him. Gently kiss, shunts immediately, the provocative actions against the man simply is the stimulation of

have proved effective every time!

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