Women experience a very cool sexual foreplay

The first kind of


"if the woman slid my whole body with the hand, blowing in my ear, with her fingers through my hair , kissed my neck, her fingertips scratched me scratch my back; at the same time I lay prone to let her lie on my back and mumbles nearby my ear, the last finger inserted into the and I really love. However, most women do not have the means to relax to such an extent, or did not think these."

second kinds of molesting method:

"especially sensitive region is from the ears to the neck, chest, abdominal organs and inner knee, thigh and toes; they are also very sensitive to my of testicular .

The lips of the

may be foreplay can make me excited most parts of the lips touched each other, or is the French kiss will make me excited. But I hate each other will be tongue in my ears or kiss it."

third kinds of molesting method:

"I love each other dear my lips, licking my ear, my nipples are very sensitive, my ass is very sensitive, very sensitive to my hips and thighs."

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