Women want men in sexual response


            but she is by implication, "the silent – sound" to respond. As a doctor, here I want to say is: such a woman love is a special need to sound place. When a man caressing in women, especially women hoping to respond, if the woman does not have what reaction, a man considers himself touch is not successful, will lose interest to continue to love. This love is very difficult to achieve the run.

Oriental woman is veiled woman to love and be loved, they are in the habit of expression in hidden. This is an oriental woman virtue, but the virtue is not applied properly, it gives a man puzzled and uneasy.

actually, hearing in the rich psychological content sex process, occupies an important position, its main function is to stimulate both

short, both men and women, in fact, to the feeling of love is a full range of feelings of love, the organ is diversified, is the various aspects of the experience, not a single sex organs with.

men want to hear a woman’s response, women also need men encouragement and affirmation. If a man can give a woman praised in love , show oneself very enjoy, I think the woman’s response will be more positive. The men, tried to tell her at the next: I am so happy, I enjoy good, she will do better.

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