You find out the best time to insert

if a man first touch sensitive not woman zone, next, the woman will naturally want men to soothe her sexy belt. In the perfect sex process, the desire of the woman will be gradually increased, at the beginning, she can only feel tiny and fuzzy desire, but when this desire is fulfilled, more strong desires ensues.

skilled man with the desire of the woman style and rhythm to promote, and then when he felt the urgent, he temporarily pulled out. This way can increase the desire for sexual contact with women, men can give a woman a little desire and then recover the way to induce women greater desire

when the desire of the woman continued to be satisfied, the newer and more intense desire will continue to produce. In this way, through the desire of accumulation and hyper soothing, in the woman finally get climax debonding at the same time, she felt her most intense craving.


normal insertion methodAfter the

was fully foreplay, female cells of the body has been burning up, vaginal secrete love liquid, genital and shaking vibration, showing hunger expression, insert wait for of the penis.

however, even women eager to insert the penis, every effort will also go up in smoke.

penis insertion has its method and opportunity, the most important is the angle of the problem. When the woman lying down when the vagina, and the to male penis. Therefore, vagina and penis is not easy to close. Male penis may slightly >

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