Zhou Peng

Zhou Pengruo left Guangdong to join Beijing? Shougang or Beikong choose which Zhou Peng if leave Guangdong next station is likely to Beijing of dispatch of sports of sina Beijing time on June 9 news, Zhou Peng and Guangdong team contract negotiations recently appears to be in the impasse, signs indicate that negotiations between the two sides does not seem to go well, Zhou Peng likely will leave the Guangdong team. Zhou Peng yesterday once again issued a micro Bo said: Thank you for your support, suddenly feel very happy, and even you are supporting me, my angry friends, but also thank you for your attention to me! No matter what the future, I have no regrets, because basketball is the most important part of my life. # basketball is life # "has the meaning is, in this article micro Bo, Zhou Peng sent a photo of him with the Beijing team against the photos, with the text, many netizens in micro Bo comments below about Zhou Peng would choose to join the team in Beijing. In fact, this is not impossible. Before, reporter once exposed material Zhou Peng likely will join the Beijing team, because Xinjiang team spent heavily poached root Lee, Beijing team in attack has appeared vacancy, looking at the CBA in the free market, in addition to Zhou Peng without any sign of top strikers, Zhou Peng although in the offensive capability of individuals may not Lee, but his defense and tactical execution of the function has a unique role, especially his excellent defensive ability can make the Beijing team’s overall defensive again raise a level. In addition to Beijing Shougang, Zhou Peng also choose only two. This is just bought Chongqing team Beikong men’s basketball team and the Xinjiang team. Beikong acquisition of Chongqing team has nine times out of ten, now is the key of this team can in the next season were successfully moved to Beijing, if Beikong can next season to move to Beijing, after all, will increase investment, and Shougang formed the potential competition, as a result, they will have to spend lots of money to find good players in the free market, Zhou Peng for them will be a very good choice, in other words, can afford to Zhou Peng’s annual salary, at present in addition to Shougang is becom. Of course, Zhou Peng, there is a choice is to join in Xinjiang, but from the current situation, this possibility in the three choices is the lowest, because Xinjiang team has spent heavily to poach the Lee, on the front have great, left to Zhou Peng salary space has been very limited. (big brother)

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